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American Trampoline

All Fun Spot trampoline products contain the best shock absorbent, high density, closed-cell foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape. All of these Fun Spot pad exceeds all national ASTM standards.

Although even in the early years of trampolining, notable American and international athletes performed many of the difficult skills and combinations of skills that are seen today, modern trampoline competitions are quite different those of the early developmental years -- due in part to advances in equipment design, changes in the rules and governance, and more systematic training of the athletes.

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International competition trampolines are larger and more powerful than those utilized in the early years and a far cry from the "backyard" models that are found today in most American suburban neighborhoods. These modern trampolines can propel trained athletes as high as 30 feet in the air during performances! During two competitive routines of 10 skills each, upper-level athletes can easily demonstrate a graceful array of double, triple and twisting somersaults.

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American Trampolines can be traced to archaeological drawings in ancient China, Egypt and Persia. Over the years, a number of methods have been devised to allow man to gain time in the air and perform a variety of skills. The trampoline is one of these methods. Trampoline was not actually a competitive event until after its invention by an American, George Nissen, as a portable unit in 1936. From 1947 through 1964, trampolining was included as an event in gymnastics competitions.

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