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Bounce Board Directions


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Remove shoes.

Safety gear strongly recommended, life preserver for water-tramp. Mouthguard, helmet and wrist guards, kneepads and elbow pads for the land trampoline.

 Climb on jumping device.

Sit in middle of trampoline and fasten foot straps.

Lean forward on knees and stand up.

Gently start bouncing up and down to get the feel of it.

While keeping head erect, focus eyes on the perimeter of the trampoline.

Practice a Stop-Bounce. Flex knees as you come into contact with the jumping surface to stop bouncing.

Start practicing tricks when you feel comfortable. Please no somersaults, flips or back flips. You run the risk of head and neck injuries, which can be very serious, causing paralysis and even death.

Never jump off the land trampoline to dismount. Remove the BounceBoard B² ™ by kneeling down or sitting on the bed of the trampoline. Release footstraps and climb off the trampoline. Never jump from a trampoline into a pool and never jump off a roof to land on your trampoline. Never use with a land trampoline when it is wet, too slippery.

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