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Fitness Trampoline Model 350

Fitness Trampoline Model 350
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Product Description

The 300 Series offers an elegant look with its silver frame and arching black legs. It further upgrades your bouncing experience with our EnduroLast 4™ & 6™ Cords - specially formulated to perform up to 4x & 6x longer than standard elastic cords. EnduroLast™ offers our smoothest, most cushioned, exhilarating bounce that helps you feel buoyant and happy! Now you can experience a wonderful stress-free bounce instead of the harsh, stress-full bounce your body feels on a steel coil spring rebounder. Our patent-pending, arched legs provide an exceptionally stable and safe platform, compared to straight-leg rebounders. This allows for a wider variety of exercises (as seen on our fitness DVDs) and the stacking of multiple units for compact storage - a big plus for fitness clubs and schools. The virtually silent bounce allows you to use this anytime, day or night. The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, Where Fitness Meets Fun!™

The two Models in this Series, the 350 and 370, primarily differ in mat design and elastic cord technology. The Model 350 offers a 33.5" Skirt mat design where the Permatron® extends over the elastic cords. The elastic cord technology on the Model 350 is two-fold. One, EnduroLast 4™ cords are design to last over 4 million bounces and are warrantied for 4 years. Two, FlexBounce III™ allows the user to adjust the mat firmness between three different settings. Also included, you can enjoy a highly effective Fitness Trampoline exercise routine with the Basic Workout DVD included with the Model 350.

  • Fitness that's fun for everyone!
  • Fast, High Calorie Burn - Trim fat and tone your whole body
  • Excellent Cardio Routines
  • Great Core Exercises
  • Detox / Body Cleansing
  • Improve your balance & spatial awareness
  • Physical Rehab
  • Low Impact Workout with a wide variety of exercises
  • Exercise at your own convenience
Better than a Steel Spring Rebounder
  • Virtually Silent FlexBounce & trade System vs. Steel springs & frame become squeaky
  • No Stress, Gentle, Smooth Bounce vs. Jarring, unpleasant bounce
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty & Just 18 lbs! vs. 2 year warranty and a heavy, 30 lbs
  • Elegant Arched Legs = Super Stable vs. Straight legs are unstable
  • Over 50% Larger Jumping Area vs. Constricted jumping area

    EnduroLast™ elastic cords provide a smooth, low-impact bounce that is virtually silent. Heavy duty steel and professional grade welding form a frame that will last a lifetime. Curved legs offer stability and stack-ability.

  • EnduroLast 4™ & 6™ elastic cords - tested to over 4 & 6 million bounces!
  • Virtually silent Permatron® mat
  • Mat Design: Model 350: 33.5" Skirt, Model 370: 37" Padded Petal
  • 12.5" frame height
  • 39" total frame diameter
  • 42" footprint on the floor - this is because the arched legs are wider than the frame diameter"
  • Industrial-grade stitching
  • 6 arched legs - non-tipping and stackable
  • 16 gauge steel frame
  • Maximum user weight: 250 lbs
  • Unit weight: 18 lbs
  • Total shipping weight: 26.5 lbs
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