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Hedstrom Trampoline Parts


Fun Spot Trampolines offers industry's widest range of trampoline mat options and leads the industry in trampoline mat quality, price and innovation. Our mats are compatible with Hedstrom trampolines. Fun Spot Trampolines has built a 41-years history providing superior quality trampoline parts to both domestic and international customers. Offering trampoline parts for Fun Spot Trampolines, JumpKing, Hedstrom, NBF, Bollinger and other popular trampoline brands.

 Hedstrom Trampolines Compatible Pads


Round Pads

Hedstrom Round Trampoline Pads
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Rectangular Pads

Hedstrom Rectangular Trampoline  Pads
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Octagonal Pads

Hedstrom Octagonal Trampoline Pads
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Fun Spot's rectangular trampoline pad is a full pad, not the simple frame pads sold elsewhere. Fun Spot rectangular trampoline pads contain a 1-inch thick plank of closed-cell polyethylene foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape.
Our rectangular trampoline pad is covered with heavy PVC vinyl that has the properties of premium 22-ounce vinyl. The pad is reversible so you can prolong its life by rotating the pad annually. The pad is attached with bungee cords for resilience and strength.

 Hedstrom Trampoline Compatible Mats


Round Mats

Hedstrom Round Trampoline Mats
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Rectangular Mats

Hedstrom Rectangular Trampoline Mats
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Octagonal Mats

Hedstrom Octagonal Trampoline Mats
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Fabric Options for Mats:: Performance Weave Targeted Safety Fabric SunShield

Hedstrom Trampolines Compatible Covers

Hedstrom Trampoline Covers

Fun Spot's heavy duty trampoline covers are made of thick 200-gram polyethylene fabric for longer life and better protection. Our trampoline covers are hemmed to help cup the frame and have straps along the perimeter that secure to your trampoline's legs and springs. Water drains from the center of cover FunSpot trampoline covers are forest green in color to blend into your backyard and to provide improved UV-resistance.

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Hedstrom Trampoline Compatible Springs

Hedstrom Trampoline Springs

Top quality trampoline springs are available for all trampoline brands. Our heavy-duty trampoline springs are made from galvanized wire that outlast imported chrome trampoline springs. All Fun Spot trampoline springs are warranted for 2-years.

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