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Jumpking Trampoline Compatible Parts

A superior quality trampoline replacement mat from Fun Spot Trampolines can add many years of value to your existing/Jumpking trampolines. We bring you the strongest and most innovative range of trampoline replacement mat options for your Jumpking trampolines. Our mats are made from black polypropylene, perfect for restoring your trampoline.

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We are the first and only brand to weave our own trampoline mat fabric and webbing. Our 40 years of weaving expertise has spawned our exclusive targeted mat fabrics which assist young jumpers stay in the center, the safest part of any trampoline. These center reference points are not printed but woven into the fabric to give you everlasting safety.

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Our Performance weave trampoline mats are designed for less air resistance and therefore give better bounce. Time tested and second to none, our trampoline mat fabric is super-strong and can withstand burst strengths of 800-pounds per square inch. Woven with 8-rows of heavy-duty UV-resistant thread, the trampoline mat uses galvanized triangular v-rings for durability.

For any advice on the best available mat replacement options for your existing/jumpking trampoline, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-241-7134 or click here to send in your query.

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