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 Octagonal Trampoline Bed

(1 customer reviews)

Fun Spot builds octagonal jumping beds for all trampoline brands typically in less than two days. Unlike our competitors, we tailor your bed from your measurements and do not ask you to ship us your old bed.

Made In USA
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$139.95 + options
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  Options Available on Octagonal Trampoline beds

Performance Weave

Colored Fabrics


  Performance Weave

Performance trampoline bed fabric has more porosity and delivers slightly better bounce due to reduced air resistance while jumping. Bed has more snap and requires less energy to sustain bounce. (This fabric is made of woven polypropylene and should not be confused with high performance competition grade Euro or Aussie string beds which sell for $800 - $1200.)
Add $9.95

  Colored Fabrics

Add fun and style to your trampoline with our unique color options. Our colored fabrics are woven with a blend of colored and black yarns making the color intensity change with viewing angle. The fabrics reflect away more heat, making them cooler for tender feet. Be the first in your neighborhood to say no to boring black. Available in Half/Half, 4-Check & Forest Green .
Add $29.95 (4-Check)
Add $19.95 (Half/Half)
Add $9.95 (others)

Trampoline targeted safety fabric

Fun Spot’s SunShield adds years to trampoline bed life by protecting perimeter stitching from UV-exposure. Typically, the rows of stitching around the perimeter of your trampoline's bed last about 30% to 50% as long as the actual trampoline bed fabric. After this perimeter stitching fails, the trampoline bed must be repaired or replaced. SunShield is a heavy-duty webbing, wider and heavier than seat belt webbing and it is sewn on top of the perimeter stitching of the trampoline bed to protect it from UV-exposure. SunShield will approximately double the life of your structural stitching. While basic trampolines bed stitching is warranted for 2-years, SunShield extends this stitching warranty to 4-years.
Color Selection: Chocolate Brown, Black, Snowball White, Pacific Blue and Army Green.

Add $29.95

Trampoline bed with Sunshield
Customer Reviews for Octagonal Bed ::
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    March 29, 2010
    - By Didier R of Pirae, Tahiti
    My order with Fun spot was perfect
    50 of 92 people found this helpful. Was it?   
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