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Order Round Trampoline Mat Using Mat Dimensions

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Ordering Methods :: Mat Dimensions ||  Frame Dimensions  ||  Fun Spot Brand Trampoline
Please use frame measurements ONLY, if your mat is torn or damaged.
Mat Order Process
Our mat making process is superior from the start. Every mat order is carefully reviewed by our design expert who has a lifetime of experience fitting and designing trampoline mats. Most orders are matched to stock models that can be easily returned. If your specifications are unusual our designer will consult you with questions and notify you before producing any mat that can't be returned. We are sure we have the industry's best system for achieving perfect mat fit the first time.

If your old trampoline mat is in suitable condition, we prefer you supply the measurements requested below.

    Measuring Tips :
  • If your old trampoline mat has a hole bigger than 1-inch directly in line with the fabric's grain, please order using frame and spring dimensions. Order using this form if mat diameter measurements can be collected along the fabric's grain without spanning a hole that is bigger than 1-inch.
  • When collecting #1 and #2 measurements below be sure to follow the 'grain' of your fabric. To find the grain, look closely at the fabric to notice the yarn runs in two directions from 12 to 6-o'clock and also from 9 to 3-o'clock. Measure in both directions following the path of the yarn.
  • Measure with the grain even if the metal hardware along the edge of your mat is missing. If metal hardware is missing, add the appropriate distance to your measurement to account for the missing hardware.
  • Mat can be measured while installed or while laying flat. If measured off the trampoline, gently pull the mat flat while measuring.
  • If replacing most or all your springs, order using frame and spring dimensions.

Measurement Instructions & Entry

Select perimeter hardware type on your original mat to view measurement instructions:
  • Metal Triangles
  • Grommets / Eyelets
  • Others


This section will display contents after completion of Step 1.

Mat Options

Mat Fabric
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UV Protection
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Sewing option
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Perimeter triangles
 Industrial + $10

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