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Trampoline Assembly

Assembling a trampoline does not require any special tools; a woodblock and hammer could come in handy. However, we recommend wearing work gloves during assembly. The whole set-up process takes not more than 30-40 minutes.

Some important factors which need to be kept in mind when doing trampoline assembly:

It is essential to place the trampoline where there is adequate overhead and lateral clearance. A minimum of 24 feet (7.3m) is recommended from the floor or ground. When used outdoors, care should be taken to provide adequate clearance for wires, tree limbs, fences, and other possible hazards.

Place the trampoline on a level surface before use. A loose, thick white sand application is recommended to be applied beneath the trampoline and in the immediate surrounding area.

The trampoline should always be used in well lighted area. If artificial illumination is provided, it is recommended that such artificial illumination meet the standards of 50 fc (5381x) as recommended for gymnasiums and field houses in IES Recommended Practice RP-6.

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For detailed instructions on how to assemble your Fun Spot Trampolines, please refer the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS section of our User Manual or visit
www.funspot.com. Incase of any difficulty please feel free to call us on 800-241-7134 or click here to write in your query.

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