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Trampoline Springs

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 2 Spring Sizes : 10.25"GME, 10.25"DR

We offer two 10.25” Competition Springs: GME and DR. Our GME competition springs compare to Olympic standard EuroTramp Grand Master Exclusive springs. Our DR model compares to Dave Ross competition springs. Click tab for complete Technical Specs but the main difference between these two models is DR springs have about half the tension and provide the jumper deeper penetration into the jump. All our springs are made in USA.

Warning for buyers

Our competition springs are intended for experienced jumpers only. Their power makes them inappropriate for typical backyard use. Use these springs with caution.

Technical Specs
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Warning for buyers

If you are purchasing only trampoline springs we require a 10-pc minimum. If also buying another product please buy any spring quantity.

Trampoline Springs are a Fun Spot specialty. Top quality trampoline springs are available for all trampoline brands. Our heavy-duty trampoline springs are made from galvanized wire that outlast imported chrome trampoline springs.

All Fun Spot trampoline springs are warranted for 2-years against defects in materials and workmanship. (As is common for this market, warranty does not cover damage due to excessive weight. Short springs will likely be damaged by excess weight. Short spring trampolines can be upgraded to longer springs by replacing the mat and all springs simultaneously. Contact us for details.)

Galvanized Trampoline Springs
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When replacing your trampoline mat, it is a good time to inspect all trampoline springs. Trampoline springs that are over-stretched, loose or have damaged hooks should be replaced.

We also stock two high performance springs with unbeaten quality. If your length is not listed,
please contact us for assistance.

“EuroTramp”, “Grand Master Exclusive”, and “Dave Ross” are trademarks of other firms. We have no affiliation with these firms.  Our springs are not manufactured by these firms..


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