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Trampoline Exercises

Following are the benefits of trampoline Exercises :

1. Daily exercise on trampolines improves coordination and balance of the jumper as it takes coordination to achieve consistent height, balanced landings, and the ability to perform complex maneuvers without injury.

2. Children who regularly exercise on trampolines develop self confidence which greatly influences a child’s academic success.

3. Trampoline exercises have an aerobic effect on the body thereby improving the intake of oxygen which benefits the heart and lungs.

4. Jumping on the trampoline is an exhilarating experience and provides an easy way to exercise your muscles, increase flexibility and improve reflexes.

5. With better balance and co-ordination skills, gained through trampoline exercises, your children will, generally, have a better knowledge of how to protect themselves in other sports if they fall.

6. It is an effective form of building up endurance levels.

Obesity is one of the main medical concerns of this decade. To combat this problem and keep fit and healthy, we need to adopt some form of daily exercise routine. More and more people are adopting trampolines as a form of cost effective gym at home to have exercise with their family – and they love doing it.

Adopt an active lifestyle which includes at least two and a half hours of exercise on your trampoline per week. Lose those extra pounds and achieve success in whatever you undertake.
As with any other form of exercising, following safety measures is absolutely imperative for trampolines. For information about safety rules please read the safety instructions given in your user manual.

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