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Trampoline Exercise

Over the years much controversy has been raised about what is the best form of exercise to get and stay well. Our bodies are made "to wear out, not rust out." A great percentage of the human body is composed of muscle tissue. The heart is a muscle for example. Our lungs contract and expand because of chest muscles. We are held together by muscles, tissues and skin. Muscles are intended to be moved. Their strength is dependent upon regular movement. But how much and what kind of exercise has been debated for years.

Do some form of movement daily for 30 minutes. The type and amount of movement will vary depending upon each person's unique situation. If, for example, you are sick, your trampoline exercise must be modified to accommodate the extra energy the body needs to heal. However, deep breathing, those expanding chest walls, helps the healing process Regardless of your state of fitness, we believe that deep breathing, stretching, joint movement and weight resistance activities are crucial.

Stretching must be a part of every form of trampoline exercise and needs to be done both before and after exercise.

Weight resistance exercise is essential for maintaining bone density. Upper body weight resistance is extremely important as we all get some lower body weight resistance merely through walking.

Movement is essential for good lymph flow. Since our lymph system automatically collects wastes and transports them to the skin, kidneys, colon and lungs for excretion, each person must include a form of trampoline exercise that promotes lymph movement. Trampoline exercise is a good way to stimulate lymph movement.

Unsafe trampoline exercise does more harm than good. Injuries can lead to long term disability leaving a person to be unable to do the exercise they so vitally needs.

Trampoline exercise should be enjoyable and can promote relaxation as well. Choose an exercise you enjoy. Do something that involves socialization as well. Find a plan that can realistically do on a daily basis. Build it into your regular daily agenda.

Combining trampoline exercise and self defense skills is an efficient use of time.

Trampoline exercise has many benefits in addition to gaining and maintaining muscle tone. It stimulates blood flow, improves respiration, and promotes the elimination of toxins that are trapped in tissues and organs.

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