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Trampoline Fabric

Price Table Details Technical Specs
Black Champagne Deep Blue Forest Green Grey
Black Champagne Deep Blue Forest Green Grey
Pecan Tan Plum Purple Royal Blue White
Pecan Tan Plum Purple Royal Blue White
Color :
Finish :
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(Minimum Order = 3 yards)
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Warning for buyers
Fabric is priced per linear yard.
1 linear yard = 1 yard long X full width of fabric.
Square feet per linear yard: 155" = 38.8 sq ft.
Minimum order requirement = 3 linear yards.
Price Table
Fabric Name Colors
Fabric Width    
Black Black Black $17.39 $18.89
Deep Blue Royal Blue Black
$19.38 N.A.
Forest Green Forest Green Black $19.38 N.A.
Plum Purple Purple Black $19.38 N.A.
Pecan Tan Tan Black $19.38 N.A.
Grey** White Black $19.38 N.A.
White White White $20.50 N.A.
Royal Blue Blue Blue $20.50 N.A.
Champagne Champagne Champagne $20.50 N.A.
The above prices are per linear yard.
   Fun Spot Trampoline Fabrics:

Our trampoline fabrics are ideal for many products and projects. Our fabrics are 100% made in USA and are ideal for demanding outdoor applications requiring strength and longevity.

The fabric is available in two finish types: Calendered and Uncalendered. Calendering is a heat and pressure finishing process that irons fabric flat and bonds yarns together. Calendering converts a loose woven mesh into an intergrated piece of fabric that is more smooth and has stronger edge strength. Nearly 100% of backyard trampolines and catamaran sailboats use calendered fabric because of the smooth feel and resistance to edge separation. Uncalendered fabrics have much more texture and about 15-times better airflow making them preferred for some niche applications.

Contract Manufacturing - Custom cutting, marking and fabrication is available on our computerized cutting and marking systems. Please contact us for quote.

Warranty - 5-year pro-rated warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Bulk Buyers - Buyers wishing to purchase full rolls of trampoline fabric or other high strength industrial fabrics are encouraged to contact us.

Warning for buyers
Your credit card will be charged just prior to shipping. We reserve the right to decline orders and will notify you in the event this is necessary.

Seller makes no warranty, express or implied, concerning the product furnished hereunto other than that it shall be if the quality and specifications stated herein. Any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is expressly excluded and, to the extent that it is contrary to the foregoing sentence, any implied warranty of merchantability is expressly excluded. Any recommendations made by seller concerning users or applications of said product are believed reliable and seller makes no warranty of results to be obtained. This data sheet supersedes all previous data sheet for this style and is subject to change without notice.

These fabrics not authorized for use in commercial trampoline applications.

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