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Trampoline Guide


With the people becoming more aware of the (many) benefits of trampolining, the trampoline is being recognized as an exceptional form of family fun and exercise. The availability of a wide number of options in trampolines adds more to the confusion of buyers. One needs to be sure that he/she has picked up the right trampoline for their needs - the one which represents good value for money.

Mentioned below are a few useful tips which would help in making a better selection while looking for buying a trampoline.

Type of trampolines

The trampolines which are Elastic banded are great if somebody is looking for a fun trampoline at a low cost. Comparatively, Metal sprung trampolines come at slightly expensive prices and usually offer a higher bounce. The tension in the springs determines the springiness and elasticity of the rebounding surface. Result - Greater the spring tension, stiffer the bounce off the rebounding surface.

Value for money?

It’s very important to know the purpose of buying a trampoline.
A good quality trampoline lasts a long time, so the decision should be relative. Although most types of trampolines provide the benefits of building strength, stamina and coordination, the function and bouncing surface vary. The person using the trampoline is another important factor for consideration.

Shape of a trampoline?

Rectangular trampolines are good for older/more experienced people. Round trampolines suit more to younger, inexperienced and fun users. While offering a great bounce, they are designed to bounce the user towards the centre (Important as a safety consideration of trampolining).

Limitations against the use of trampolines?

The parts of a trampoline such as frame, springs & bouncing surface can only withstand a certain quantum of force suggested by the maximum user weight. Any application of force above this can cause fatigue and failure of Trampoline parts thereby causing injury. Another serious accident could be the jumper straightaway hitting the ground.

For any trampoline activity, the safety of the jumper is the prime criteria, making it important to abide by the age recommendation stated by the manufacturer. (Refer to the user guide for more details)

Important recommendation for Trampoline safety

A trampoline should be used by one person at a time. For Larger trampolines, even 2-3 children can be allowed in one go - with the inclusion of a safety enclosure. (Under the supervision of an expert)

For more information on Trampoline Safety click here.

Our products have set the industry’s benchmark in quality over the past 41 years. If you need further assistance in deciding the trampoline/parts best suited for your use, please feel free to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-241-7134 or click here to send your query.

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