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Trampoline Padding

Over the years the condition of your trampoline pad may deteriorate due to exposure to the sun's UV-rays. It becomes essential to replace such pads to ensure the safety of your loved ones. For more information on the safety measures necessary to be taken for trampolines, please visit our link www.funspot.com/trampoline_safety.php.

Superior Quality Safety Pads

We bring you superior quality safety pads made with highest density, shock-absorbent, waterproof and mildew-resistant closed-cell foam. The pad covers the frame and springs of the trampoline with an extra-wide plank of 1-inch thick foam thereby protecting the jumper if he/she lands too close to the frame.

Round Trampoline Pad

Round Trampoine Pad

Master Trampoline Pads
Standard Trampoline Pads
Essentials Trampoline Pads
Hedstrom Trampoline Pads

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Rectangular / Square Trampoline Pad

Rectangular Trampoline Pad

Spring Covers are covered with PVC vinyl available in a variety of colors in either heavy 18-oz or super premium 22-oz thickness. All Rectangular/ Square safety pads are covered by a full warranty for one year.

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Octagonal Trampoline Pad

Octagonal Trampoline Pad

Here is the big range of customized octagon trampoline pad selection. One of the most important trampoline accessories to install on your backyard jumping machine is the trampoline pad.

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You can also get replacements for your Hedstrom/NBF trampoline pads. However, if the foam inserts from your previous set are reusable, you can opt for replacement of the safety pad shell only. Alternatively, if our personnel judged your safety pads to have a resale value, our higher version upgrades are available at a discounted price.

For more information on the best safety pad option available, please speak to one of our Customer Service Representative at 800-214-7134 or click here to send in your query by mail.

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