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Trampoline Repair


Trampoline Repair Services

 Complete Rebuild

 Basic Resew

 Hole Patching Service

Shipping Instructions For Trampoline Repair Order

Trampoline repair services are offered for all trampoline brand and shapes. Trampoline repair becomes necessary after perimeter stitching deteriorates in the sun's UV-rays. Depending on your location and your trampoline's sun exposure, stitching typically lasts 3 to 8 years before failure. When stitching fails, the trampoline mat's webbing and triangular v-rings pull away from the edge of the mat. While its appearance is poor, usually the black polypropylene fabric is not harmed and can be repaired.

While our Hole Patching service is appropriate for any type of mesh trampoline mat, our Complete Rebuild and Basic Resew services are suitable for traditional stitched mats only. Stitched mats generally have triangular metal hardware along the perimeter of the mat, although they can sometimes have flat metal bars. Our Complete Rebuild and Basic Resew services are not available for: 1) Mats from springless trampolines which have wide bands of elastic sewn along the mats perimeter, or 2) Mats that have brass grommets (or eyelets) mounted along the perimeter of the mat.

All trampoline mats are inspected prior to service because some mats are not suitable for repair. Factors that hurt your trampoline mat's chances for repair -

Excessive holes may make a new trampoline mat more economical.

Holes over 1-inch wide make the trampoline mat unsuitable for repair.

If your mat has been repaired before, it may be unsuitable for another repair.

Trampoline mats over 10-years old are poor candidates for repair.

Normally, when stitching fails the trampoline fabric is undamaged. However, if your black trampoline fabric is torn along the edge, your trampoline mat is not repairable.

A Fun Spot repair specialist performs safety inspections on all incoming mats before beginning repair service. Occasionally we receive mats that are not suitable for trampoline repair. If your mat fails our safety inspection, you will be offered $10 off the price of a new mat to offset your inbound shipping expense.

We repair most mats in less than 5 days.

 Trampoline Repair Services :

Complete Rebuild

Basic Resew

Hole Patching Service


$85 (including return shipping):
Fun Spot's complete rebuild service recycles only your black polypropylene trampoline fabric. Your trampoline mat is rebuilt using new stitching, webbing, backing, triangular metal v-rings, and safety labels. The first hole is patched free and further holes are patched for $15 each. Assuming the trampoline's UV exposure remains unchanged, the trampoline mat's life after rebuilding should roughly equal its prior life.

All in-bound trampoline repair shipments require a Return Authorization number (RA#).
Click for complete instructions.

Basic Resew

$60 (including return shipping):
Fun Spot's basic resew service recycles your black polypropylene fabric, backing, webbing, and steel triangular v-rings. The first hole is patched free and further holes are patched for $15 each.

Only about 20% of mats qualify for this service. Frequently, the webbing that holds the triangular v-rings is not suitable to return to the field. Webbing that is worn or already sun bleached is not suitable for recycling. (Mats with poor webbing can be refurbished with our Complete Rebuild service.)

If you desire our Basic Resew service, please be aware you won't know for sure if this repair service is suitable until we have inspected your mat. We perform our Basic Resew service only when suitable to avoid returning a newly restitched mat only to have the old webbing fail soon thereafter. When your mat arrives we will perform a safety inspection and contact you for direction in the event your mat is unsuitable for this repair service.

All in-bound trampoline repair shipments require a Return Authorization number (RA#).

Hole Patching

$15 per hole + $10 shipping :
Fun Spot's trained staff can patch holes in your trampoline mat up to 1-inch wide.

All in-bound shipments require a Return Authorization number (RA#).

 Shipping Instructions for Trampoline Repair Orders :

Clean your trampoline mat of obvious filth. Normally mats do not need cleaning, but unusually dirty mats will be assessed cleaning charges.

Obtain your RA# by phoning 800-241-7134, option 5.

Write your RA# clearly on the outside of your carton.

Ship your trampoline mat to:

Fun Spot Trampolines
1321 East Franklin Street
Hartwell, GA 30643

Contact us for further details on Trampoline Repair.

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