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Trampoline Replacement Mat

As the only company to have in-house weaving expertise, our trampoline replacement mats will add life and color to your trampoline! We specialize in manufacturing the strongest and most innovative range of mats.

Our premium quality mats are available in different shapes, sizes, weaves and colors! Be the first in the neighborhood to do away with boring black and change to our unique colored mat fabrics. Our extensive R&D brings you trampolines to suit your needs and budget.

The exclusive targeted mat fabric is designed to assist beginners/ young jumpers stay in the center, the safest part of the trampoline. For everlasting safety, these center reference points are woven into the fabric. Our Performance weave trampoline mats are designed for less air resistance and therefore give better bounce.

We also offer repair services for all brands and shapes of trampolines. Over the years the sun’s UV-rays deteriorates the perimeter stitching of your trampoline mat. Also, due to accidents there could be holes in the mat. Depending on your mat’s condition we offer repair services ranging from complete rebuild to hole patching services. For more information about the various repair services available, please visit

If your existing trampoline mat is found to have a resale value (when assessed by our personnel), our higher version upgrades are available at a discounted price. For assistance and advice on the best available replacement options, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-241-7134, or click here to send in your query through mail.

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