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Safety Mat Rules


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Trampolines are not only great source of enjoyment for the children but also good exercise tool for adult. Virtually any child’s eye widens at the site of an unoccupied trampoline. Regarding the safety option for a trampoline, it is important to note that the any number of choices would do and/or your child justice. If your trampoline’s warranty has expired and its mat has developed holes, rips, or cracks, it is a good idea to replace your trampoline. To enhance safety for all trampoline users, the appropriate safety features and measures should always be installed on them, such as a metal frame covered with secure safety pads. To ensure safety on a trampoline in case of any falls, safety mats can also be bought and placed around the trampoline so that the fall would not be so hard. Though here we focus on safety mat padding and its installation.

From the effect of sun’s UV rays the stitching of trampoline mat generally worn out and it needs to be re-sewn. This is mandatory in the condition when strap pull away from the fabric, stitching is no longer noticeable and the mat is lynching towards ground.

The U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission suggests that a trampoline be calculatedly installed so that it rests in a depressed area, which allows the jumping surface to lie as horizontally close to the ground as possible.

Generally trampoline mat wear out after three to eight year of use depending upon the use and the location of trampoline and the amount of exposure to UV rays, rain, dew and other external factors.

Trampoline mat over ten years should be replaced rather than repairing it to maintain its longevity and of course safety for your family.

Other important tips are: 1. Keep your bouncing short and stumpy and land on axis of mat. 2. Permit only one person on trampoline at a time. 3. Avoid bouncing for long time and do not bounce when you are feeling tired.

For more information on Trampoline safety please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-241-7134

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