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Trampoline Safety - Prevention is better than cure!

It is very essential that a trampoline user follows a carefully planned safety program so that trampolining can be fully enjoyed. At FunSpot Trampolines, we have designed our trampolines and trampoline parts keeping your family's safety as top priority however you need to follow a set rule of safety regulations when enjoying this fitness equipment. Trampolines are fun and promote good health if used properly. Some of the common accidents associated with trampolines are two or more people using the device at the same time. Colliding in air or during impact can cause serious injuries. Falling off the trampoline or landing on the metallic frame, springs and hooks can cause serious injuries, even fractures and even worse than that in some cases.

Some safety instructions which need to be followed:

  • The trampoline should be placed away from any obstructions such as trees, poles and fences.

  • Only one person should be allowed to use the trampoline. Adult supervision is a must when children are involved.

  • Covering the frame, springs and hooks with proper pads and providing an extra safety net around the trampoline will ensure that accidents are reduced.

  • No one should try complex stunts such as summersaults and flips without proper training. Following these rules religiously will ensure a safe and accident-free trampoline experience.

  • Do not jump without the permission and knowledge of the owner.

You can get more information on Trampoline safety from.
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Office of Information and Public Affairs
Washington, District of Columbia 20207-0001
Phone: 1-800-638-2772
Web: www.cpsc.gov

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