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Trampoline Training Equipment & Supplies

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Fun Spot Trampolines offers a large selection of both backyard and indoor trampolines to help gymnasts, club and trampoline parks with the construction of a trampoline training facility. Our selection of trampoline training equipment, trampolines and accessories will help you with the best possible equipment. We offer springs, pads, beds and other items to upgrade or repair your existing trampoline.

Our Indoor and Backyard Trampoline Training Equipment Range Includes:


Fun Spot Trampolines offers Variety of Trampolines In Various Shapes and Sizes:

Round Trampoline

Rectangular Trampoline

Square Trampoline

Octagon Trampoline

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Round Trampoline
Rectangular Trampolines
Rectangular Trampoline
Round Trampoline
Funtek Health Bounce Rebounders
Jumpsport Model 220
Rectangular Trampoline
Hard Bounce Rebounder
Trampoline Bounce Board
Voda SnowBoard
Voda Snowboard
Voda WakeBoard
Voda Wakeboard

Trampoline Training Parts Equipment Supply

  Trampoline Pads  
Round Pad
Rectangular Pad
Octagon Pad
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  Trampoline Mats  
Round Mats
Rectangular Mats
Octagon Mats
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  Trampoline Springs  

Trampoline Springs are a Fun Spot specialty. Top quality trampoline springs are available for all trampoline brands.

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  Trampoline Enclosure Parts  

FunSpot trampoline offers variety of trampoline enclosure parts including Net, Pole Foam Sleeve etc..

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Your backyard trampoline can come in handy when practicing your wakeboard tricks. It is a soft spot to land when first learning a trick and provides a decreased risk of injury when attempting a trick for the first few times. Gymnasts frequently use trampolines for practice for this same reason. Another benefit is if you don't pull off the move you don't have to wait in the water until the boat swings back around to pick you up.
Trampoline Training Can Aid You In Learning New Wakeboarding Skills
If you use a land trampoline tying a tow rope to a nearby tree or other object can act as a tow boat and gives the rope some tension. Hold on to the handle and practice your jumps. If nothing is nearby to use as a tie-off point, someone standing on land can hold the rope.
There are, however, risks involved when training on a trampoline. Take it slow and never try to exceed your skill level. Massively high jumps are most likely not needed to pull off a trick. Try a few mis-size jumps and that should be all the height needed.
Never wear a wakeboard when performing trampoline training. Doing so could not only tear your trampoline but also injure yourself if you land incorrectly.
As with many other sports that involve flying through the air, never look down while performing your tricks. Keep your head up and eyes set on the horizon as if you are looking at the tow boat.

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