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Trampoline Shape

Trampoline Price   (Free Shipping)

Round Trampoline

$829.00 & Up

Rectangle Trampoline

$1,706.00 & Up

Square Trampoline

$2,414.00 & Up

Octagonal Trampoline

$1,049.00 & Up


Fun Spot's mission is to provide high quality jumping products and exceptional customer service for all customers. This mission statement has been proven successful through the years by making Fun Spot a leading supplier of trampoline products worldwide. We have been a leading supplier of trampolines since 1939. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes for trampolines to match any need or budget. All trampolines offered by Fun Spot are made with only the most dependable parts in the market and backed with extended warranties.

Trampolines are the perfect tool to encourage bonding time between friends and family members. They allow you to have hours of amusement at home and also provide a long list of health benefits. Every trampoline customer should view purchasing a trampoline as a long-term investment. Customers are encouraged to contact our well trained staff with any questions or concerns!


Trampoline shapes range: Round, Rectangular, Square & Octagon

Round Round Trampoline

Round trampoline available in various sizes and can be ordered with enclosure or without enclosure. Check out our extra safe... $829.00 & Up 

Rectangular Rectangular Trampoline

Fun Spot Trampolines has come up with its exciting range of Rectangular Trampolines. We currently stocks four sizes in... $1,706.00 & Up 

Square Square Trampoline

Square Trampolines have a larger jumping mat surface and ideally serve the purpose of being a recreational trampoline. $2,414.00 & Up 

Octagon Octagon Trampoline

We provide a huge selection of trampolines outside the common shape of trampolines then you may select Octagon Trampoline. $1,049.00 & Up 

Choose the Right Trampoline

Have you questioned if there is really a performance difference in trampolines that are different shapes? If so, we are here to provide a brief explanation for you, to assist you with your search for the perfect trampoline. Round trampolines tend to be the more budget-friendly option because they are the most cost effective for manufacturers to produce. They are also easier to locate and purchase because of their lower price, making them more common. Rectangular trampolines require tenacious material because of the excessive stress put on the frame in specific areas. The durable material required is why rectangular trampolines are generally more expensive than round trampolines. Though they are more expensive it is important to realize that they do tend to last much longer than round trampolines, simply because of the sturdier construction. Rectangular trampolines are used exclusively for athletic purposes due to their superior structure and performance. Due to the design of the trampoline the impact is distributed, putting less stress on the springs. Generally round trampolines are used for recreational purposes. The springs on round trampolines are pulled from multiple directions with each bounce, increasing the stress on the springs.
Octagon trampolines, like rectangular trampolines, tend to me manufactured from higher quality products than round trampolines.

The length of the trampoline springs is also a very important factor to be considered when determining the quality of a trampoline. Longer springs, often affiliated with rectangular trampolines, provide a softer bounce allowing the jumper to go higher into the air. Shorter springs, common on modern mass produced trampolines, provide a shallow jolting bounce. Shorter springs also overstretch much easier than longer springs. Due to how easily they overstretch they present the need to be replaced frequently. Customers who would like to purchase a trampoline should remember that while the initial cost of the trampoline may be more, the long-term savings are limitless.


12’ Round Trampoline

12' round trampoline
Ideal solution for family workout.
Perfect backyard trampoline for small family.
Super strong, unbeatable dependability.
14 gauge steel frame holds up to 450 pounds, Flo coat finish.
Springs slide through straps, with extra tie downs to frame.
Very pleasurable and cost effective
Frame Size Price
12’ $829.00
12’ + Enclosure $1,299.00
Free Shipping
Made in USA

13.5' Round Trampoline

13.5' round trampoline
Specially designed for family use.
14 gauge steel frame holds up to 450 pounds!
Super Strong Quality.
Pads are securely attached.
Spring goes through a sleeve at each end of pad-not just secured with flimsy straps.
Perfect backyard exercise machine for family
Frame Size Price
13.5' $899.00
13.5' + Enclosure $1,399.00
Free Shipping
Made in USA

16' Octagon Trampoline

16' octagon trampoline
The ultimate trampoline selection.
14 gauge steel frame holds up to 450 pounds!
Flo-coat finish protects from rust.
Extra liberty along with unique look
Pads extra wide 15", with heavy dutyvinyl material keeps mositure out.
Available without or with Enclosure
Frame Size Price
16' $1,049.00
16' + Enclosure $1,699.00
Free Shipping
Made in USA

9'x15' Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular Trampolines 9'x15'
Range of most economical trampolines.
8' 4" x 14' 4" approximate outside frame dimensions
All our Trampolines are ASTM approved
88 Heavy duty Galvanized springs with 2 years warranty
Our extra wide safety pads are 12" wide & 2" thick

Suitable for recreational and competitive purposes

Frame Size Price
9’x15' $1,706.00
9’x15' + Enclosure $2,077.00
Free Shipping
Made in USA

9'x17' Rectangular Trampoline
Rectangular Trampoline 9'x17'
Provides more airtime to the jumper
8' 4" x 16' 4" approximate outside frame dimensions and 36" height
There are 96 - 8.5" Heavy Duty Galvanized Springs
84 sq ft of jumping surface
96 Heavy Duty Galvanized springs with 2 years warranty
Optional Integrated Enclosure System
Frame Size Price
9'x17' $1,826.00
9'x17' + Enclosure $2,197.00
Free Shipping
Made in USA

10'x17' Rectangular Trampolines
10'x17' Rectangle Trampolines
Safest Trampoline in the Market
9'4"x16'4" approximate outside frame dimensions and 36" height
Properly fixed Safety Pads attach to the frame
Our extra wide safety pads are 12" wide & 2" thick
100 Heavy duty Galvanized springs with 2 years warranty
Also available with Enclosures
Frame Size Price
10'x17' $2,186.00
10'x17' + Enclosure $2,797.00
Free Shipping
Made in USA

15'x17' Rectangular Trampoline
Trampoline Rectangle 15'x17'
Largest Rectangular Trampoline in the Market
100% American Made
Safety Pads are securely attached to the frame
14'4"x16'4" approximate outside frame dimensions and 44" height
124 Heavy duty Galvanized springs with 2 years warranty
Available with or without Enclosure
Frame Size Price
15'x17' $2,549.30
15'x17' + Enclosure $3,196.00
Free Shipping
Made in USA

15'x15' Square Trampoline
Square Trampoline 15'x15'
Largest Square Trampoline in the Market
Huge jumping mat surface - 144 sq ft
Safety Pads are 2" thick and 12" wide with 20 oz.
11 Gauge galvanized steel frame holds up to 350 pounds
116 - 8.5" Heavy duty Galvanized springs with 2 years warranty

Integrated enclosure system offers ultimate protection

Frame Size Price
15'x15' $2,414.00
15'x15' + Enclosure $3,061.00
Free Shipping
Made in USA

Customer Reviews for Fun Spot Trampoline ::

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    Good replacement springs
    April 24, 2016
    - By Lauren P of New Market, AL
    First time using funspot and will use them again for trampoline goods. Shipping was very fast and they even threw in a free gift. I use trampoline on a daily basis and the new springs hold well
    0 of 0 people found this helpful. Was it?   
    great padding
    April 22, 2016
    - By R B of Jacksonville, FL
    the trampoline padding I bought is excellent. Good quality.
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    Trampoline mat
    April 4, 2016
    - By Larry R of Winnsboro, LA
    I ordered the wrong size mat and FunSpot was very helpful in my returning it. I ordered another one from them and it was of excellent quality. Would "highly" recommend these guys!!
    0 of 0 people found this helpful. Was it?   
    30 years with Fun Spot
    March 31, 2016
    - By Margaret L of Franklin, TN
    The people and products of this company are fantastic. Have been doing business with them for over 30 years and have never been disappointed. Order one day and get product the next day at no charge. Fun Spot #1 with this family.
    0 of 0 people found this helpful. Was it?   
    March 20, 2016
    - By Jamie R of Krum, TX
    Thank you for taking the time to make sure our trampoline mat was just the right fit for our frame. Your staff manually inquired and were concerned that it would work right.
    2 of 2 people found this helpful. Was it?   
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