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We provide a wide range of trampolines such as mini trampoline, high jump trampoline, gymnastic trampoline, outdoor trampoline, indoor trampoline and trampoline for competitions. What you buy it's upon your requirements i.e. your budget, your interest, available areas, your purpose such as recreation or competition etc.



RoundRound Trampoline

Round trampoline available in various sizes and can be ordered with enclosure or without enclosure. Check out our extra safe... $599.99 & Up 

Rectangular Rectangular Trampoline

Fun Spot Trampolines has come up with its exciting range of Rectangular Trampolines. We currently stocks four sizes in rectangular... $1706.00 & Up 

Square Square Trampoline

Square Trampolines have a larger jumping mat surface and ideally serve the purpose of being a recreational trampoline. $917.00 & Up 

Octagon Octagon Trampoline

We provide a huge selection of trampolines outside the common shape of trampolines then you may select Octagon Trampoline. $714.99 & Up 


Folding Rebounder Folding Soft Bounce Rebounder

Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder is our most popular model with 36 soft-bounce springs on a folding 40" diameter frame for portability... $431.00 

Non-Folding Non Folding Health Bounce Rebounder

Fun Spot offers trampoline pad to fit every budget. Our all models trampoline pads use the best foam and fabrics for long lasting... $360.00 

Soft Bounce Needak Soft Bounce Folding Rebounder

Needak utilizes a space between the jump mat and spring cover. This visual cue tells you when you are near the edge of the jump mat... $396.00 

Trampolines Games

Basketball Set Basketball Set

Our Most Durable JumpSport Basketball Set! Features 4 strong ProFlex springs where hoop... $139.95 

Game & Party Game & Party

One of the most important trampoline safety accessories that we offer is the Game & Party Pak™... $34.20 

Gigantic Funball Gigantic Funball

GIGANTIC FUN BALL! 40 inches of Gigantic Fun!(Not for use on a trampoline without an enclosure.)... $29.45 

Fitness Trampoline

Wrestling Ring Wrestling Ring

Our exclusive trampoline wrestling ring is another Fun Spot exclusive and was originally built by special... $17,500.00 & Up 

Fitness Trampoline Fitness Trampoline

The two Models in this Series, the 350 and 370, primarily differ in mat design and elastic cord technology...$199.00 


Trampolines - Shapes and Sizes

There are a lot of colors and sizes available. Some people like round trampoline, some like rectangular or square trampoline. You can choose as per your requirements. Some big, gymnastic trampolines are also available for adults. They can use it for their practice or competitions.

Trampolines for Fitness of your family

Trampolines provide many health benefits as great fun for kids and used for fitness purpose. Trampoline can fit our body and also improve the stamina. This is a great and funny way to burn fat. Safety Enclosures are recommended when kids jump on trampolines.
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