Fun Spot News

Hartwell, GA

IAPPA Expo 2019 will be held in Orlando, FL  November 19th-22nd.  Fun Spot will be a part of 40,000 guests in attendance and are inviting their customers, suppliers, employees and joint venture partners. At IAAPA,  Fun Spot Manufacturing will showcase some of the latest and most innovative products within the adventure/trampoline park industry. From a small factory in Hartwell Georgia, Fun Spot Manufacturing’s impact has been seen worldwide with more than 500 adventure parks designed, engineered, and erected to date.


Products and Partnerships

Fun Spot Manufacturing will be exhibiting its newest product; an indoor playground called PlaySpot. PlaySpot is a new play area using soft shapes suited for toddlers and kids ages 2-8 years old.  Some added benefits are that PlaySpot can be built custom or be standardized to fit a Park’s available space.  With slides, trampolines, and over 20 plus features, PlaySpot is sure to keep guests entertained.


Fun Spot Manufacturing will be exhibiting the Wipeout™ the most popular attraction to be found in any adventure park.  Guests will jump over the spinning rotating arm and compete with their friends and family to become the last man standing.  This patented product has been carefully reviewed to meet ASTM Standards for safety.


Entre-Prises is a partner of Fun Spot Manufacturing and will be exhibiting its Clip ‘n Climb brand in Orlando.  Entre-Prises is the world’s number one manufacturer and designer of climbing walls, and with the joint partnership with Fun Spot Manufacturing, the opportunities are endless to provide an exceptional climbing experience. Clip ‘n climb will be on display at booth 3686 showcasing their latest product the Clip ‘n Score. Clip ‘n Score is a scoring and ranking system that enhances the Clip ‘n Climb’s experience by increasing user interaction and develops friendly competition amongst park attendees.


Do you have what it takes to be a ninja warrior? If so please join Fun Spot Manufacturing at booth 3686 to take on Lance “The Cowboy Ninja“ Pekus, from American Ninja Warrior. There will be games and prizes for guests who wish to compete and beat the obstacle course faster than Cowboy Ninja.


Check out Fun Spot Manufacturing in Orlando, FL  at booth 3686 for more details on giveaways, partners, and show specials. For more information, visit