The new attraction that’s safe, fun, and easy to manage.

AeroTower | Engineered for a new kind of fun

AeroTower-graphic_4-trampsAeroTower is installed on the popular quad-tramp base used in Fun Spot's Sweeper attraction. If you have Sweeper installed, AeroTower is an affordable retrofit option.

AeroTower-graphic_left-rt-up-dnRight-to-left oscillating tower plus up-down jumping motion creates an entirely new challenge your guests will love.

AeroTower-graphic_RI-logo-orangeDoes the target and ball return mechanism look familiar? AeroStrike from Rugged Interactive is integrated into the oscillating tower.

Low Operating Cost

AeroTower is guest-powered with no dedicated attendant required.

96 jumpers per hour.

Guests push a single button for 120 seconds of play.

No dedicated attendant or control panel required.

Safe Competition

Safe and fun for all ability levels and ages.

Integrated scoreboards keep track of play between 1 or 2-player teams.

Guests must hit a moving target while bouncing up and down–boosting hand-eye coordination, aerobic activity, and enjoyment level.

How to Play

Hit the moving target as many times as possible in a 120-second round.

After the ball enters the target, it is auto-returned to the net-surrounded AeroTower court using AeroStrike technology by Rugged Interactive.

2 to 4 players shoot at their moving target with 1 player per trampoline.

AeroTower | Designed for quick and affordable upgrades

Easy Retrofit Utilizes Existing Sweeper Components

Sweeper quad-trampoline base remains in the same location in your park’s floorplan.

Sweeper arm and control panel are removed and replaced by AeroTower.

AeroTower retrofit installation can be completed in 2 days while your park remains open.

Sweeper Wipeout AeroTower Upgrade Retrofit indoor entertainment park game from Fun Spot
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