Classic Games with Exciting New Energy

A bouncy, air-filled Multi-Sport Court uses materials originally used in inflated boats and paddleboards to create an entirely new kind of classic sports experience.

The super tough floor is created from drop stitch vinyl, designed to hold air for long periods of time without compromise. A Multi-Sports Court is a low maintenance, easy-to-install attraction that's exciting and inviting to every guest. 


Basketball and More

The air-filled floor makes everyone feel like a slam-dunking pro. The durable, springy surface delivers brand new basketball, soccer, and volleyball fun – plus dodgeball, gymnastics, and anything else your imagination can dream up.


Innovative Materials

Developed for inflatable boats and paddleboards, drop stitch vinyl is tough as nails and holds air for long periods of time. It's low maintenance, easy-to-install and stands up to all the energy your guests can throw at it. 


Options for Any Budget

Entry level - A standard Multi-Sport Court with custom top sheet and basic vinyl perimeter barrier.

Mid-Range - Upgrade to a padded perimeter barrier with netting

Top-Tier - Gamify your court with PowrPlay interactive goals and other technology from Rugged Interactive.


PowrPlay  (12)


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