Total Excitement, Total Safety

Imagine what you can do if you have no fear. Fun Spot Airbags provide a soft, comfy, and safe landing for a treasure trove of attractions. Install an Air Bag under any number of attractions to give your guests the thrilling and confidence-building feelings of conquering – and being conquered.

Replace any foam pit with airbags for a more hygienic and safe experience. Plus, an airbag upgrade delivers a strong ROI.


Ninja Course

BE A NINJA -  only have soft, sturdy Air Bag that offers a safe and fun landing!


Three Entry Pit

We offer THREE exciting entires into your soft yet sturdy Air Bag -

1) Traditional Trampoline Entry

2) High Jump Entry

3) Angled Trampoline Entry

Spartan air bag 3 entries

Zip Lines

Nothing like sliding from the top of a Zip Line and then that feeling of falling as you release and land on one of our soft and sturdy Air Bags!

This has proven to be one of our BEST attractions!


Air Bags

The safe and hygienic alternative to foam pits. Air Bags come in many shapes and sizes and can be custom printed present your family entertainment center brand in a big, bold, and inviting way. Use airbags as a hygienic alternative to foam pits with any attraction.

capt america air bag


Whether you’re doing early research, just curious about Fun Spot and the work we do, or ready to design and build your park, contact us to start the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.